Farfetch, Dubai Website Launch


Client: uberraum / studio boum, farfetch, photo mood animations


image film – Nussbaum launching a new logo and starting new with new technologies within the company

United Charity, Christmas Teaser

A teaser to present unique choices of christmas presents in order to raise money for charity projects

Belvedere Vodka

client: uberraum, bottle and particle animation

Dinnershow “Das fliegende Einhorn” 2018

TV Trailer

Dinnershow “Das fliegende Einhorn” 2017

TV Trailer

Campus of Education Heilbronn

client: industrial theater, the film tries to give a notion of educational subjects and why there is a need for education in general

Chloe Perfume

advertising, unpublished – ribbons forming a flower unwinding to a bowknot around the perfume bottle

Nussbaum Medien

image film

Chamber of Commerce Karlsruhe

New Years event, travel through 300 years of Karlsruhe’s history

Chamber of Commerce Karlsruhe

New Years event, Trading Relations between Europe and the United States 2016

Chamber of Commerce Karlsruhe

traveling through 200 year history of the Chamber of Commerce, Karlsruhe